8 Tips to Help You Find a DUI Lawyer That’s Right for You

Finding the lawyer for your DUI is the most important part of achieving goals in your case. There is a lot of information available and reviewing it to find the right DUI lawyer is a daunting task. Here you can find a DUI lawyer that suits you best.

Be sure that the lawyer is specialized in the law OWI / DWI / DUI

It’s a simple step, but actually very important, and not as easy as you might think. A lawyer who says “I handle DUIs” may not have the level of knowledge you really want. Ask what percentage of a lawyer’s workload is a DUI. How long have they been practicing the DUI law? Do they regularly attend seminars to stay abreast of the ever-changing impaired driving laws? Are they up-to-date on the current laws on impaired driving? Do not be afraid to ask specific questions about your case and how it will affect you. If the lawyer is not willing to give you specific answers about how the IWI will affect you, he does not practice enough defense in impaired driving.

Be sure of the prosecutor’s practices in your area

versed in Wisconsin DUI law, I saw first-hand. Knowing the judges in particular, and how they run their courtroom, while you can not change the law, can increase your chances of getting a positive result. Knowing the prosecutors, on the other hand, is an invaluable resource. Check if the DUI lawyer considers the names of the attorney and if he has already worked with them. If this is not the case, ask what the lawyer plans to do before setting foot in the courtroom.

From time to time, I was held in business outside my geographic area of ​​northeastern Wisconsin. Knowing that I am a very experienced Wisconsin DUI lawyer and I am very familiar with the Wisconsin DUI laws, we have had clients outside the city but with a lawyer from their area of ​​work or clients from all over the world. Wisconsin. are aware of our reputation as a Wisconsin DUI lawyer and are willing to have an excellent aggressive performance. Some clients are concerned with the “boys network” and a specific DUI lawyer outside their geographical area.

Result: If your DUI lawyer does not know your judge and your attorney, make sure that he has a plan to get information about them even before they put a foot in the courtroom

Be careful, it happens that a prosecutor knowing that your lawyer may be negative. If your attorney does not aggressively challenge the behavior of OWI or DUI, the attorney will know that the best offer is possible. If the lawyer is not interested in a project, it is unlikely that the prosecutor will give an offer that is not subject to a lawsuit.

Make sure the lawyer is aware of the DUI law

DUI law is the most dynamic and complex area of ​​litigation in criminal law. In Wisconsin, the Wisconsin DUI laws change frequently. The legislature annually changes the OWI / DUI laws and, in some cases, the law, as interpreted by the court. Make sure your DUI lawyer stays up to date on these issues. They involve a significant amount of scientific and physiological evidence. Do they know the terms “retrograde extrapolation”, “Hinz diagram”, “gas chromatograph” or “horizontal gaze nystagmus”? If they do not do it, they do not have enough experience in the defense of human rights.

About members of the National Association of Defense Counsel or the National Association of Defense Counsel. Ask them if they maintain their training by attending ongoing legal education seminars on the DUI / OWI. When did they attend the last time? Ask them if they are members of DUI / OWI mailing lists to keep them informed or to quickly change the law. You want a well-informed DUI lawyer

Experience in first instance

Does the lawyer have any experience of driving impaired driving cases? How many times What were the results? Remember that two cases are not identical, so here, if they have tasks to judge and have won, this does not guarantee that your case will be won at trial as well. But if your OWI / DUI prosecutor has never tried, do you really think that the prosecutor will give you the best price? I seriously doubt it. Your OWI / DUI lawyer should have trial experience with OWI and DUI cases

Discuss fees

Have an honest discussion about the fees charged by your lawyer. Do they offer packages or do they charge an hourly rate? Can you choose the package? What other costs (postage, copy fees, phone charges, etc.) do they charge?

NEVER choose a lawyer based solely on your cost. You do not choose the cheapest doctor, is not it? Although the price is likely to be taken into consideration, do not make it the determining factor. If you lose your job, spend 30 more days in jail or lose your ability to spend more than a year, have you really saved the cheap lawyer?

Has the DUI attorney ever been reprimanded, suspended, or disqualified?

Unfortunately, there are lawyers who have difficulty following the rules of professional conduct. Ask the DUI lawyer that you are considering retaining if he has already been disciplined by the Ethics Committee governing their state’s attorneys. For example, in Wisconsin, you can contact the legal ethics committee that governs Wisconsin lawyers. Do not be afraid to search for the name of the attorney or the law firm in Google to see if there is negative information about their track record or positive feedback from previous customers.

Get a referral

If you know someone who has had In their past, ask them what positive or negative experiences they have had with the DUI lawyer you are considering. In many cases, lawyers can provide you with names or clients who wish to share information about their experiences. I have never had a client who told me that he was not willing to talk about his experience. I need a reference.

Few you pay for your impaired driving lawyer unless you are comfortable with them and you will not want to be happy with the results. Most DUI lawyers offer a free consultation in their office. Go measure them. Meet their office staff. Decide if they are people you like and who feel good about you. Will you be able to communicate with them? Will they answer you when you have questions or will you solve in an ocean of voicemails? Ask a lot of questions and take the opportunity to interview them. Unless you find a lawyer’s office that you believe and that is competent and able to do what you need. Make the most of your questions and find the right DUI lawyer for you.

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